Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Greenfog is a two piece psychedelic/stoner/desert rock band from Auckland. Similar in style to the likes of Earth and Kyuss, definitely check them out if you get the chance to see them live.

Space Ventura

Space Ventura is a female fronted dreamy, psychedelic, shoegaze band from Auckland, NZ. They only have demos up on their Bandcamp so far but expect their next release to be siiik.

Fly Nights

Fly Nights is an Auckland based electronic producer (also the guitarist of Auckland screamo band Parents). Fly Nights brings the party.

Fly Nights Soundcloud


Lightening is a solo electronic artist based in Auckland NZ (he also doubles as the drummer for Auckland band Ghost Wave). You can download a bunch of his releases from his Bandcamp. He also has a Soundcloud and a Facebook.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Old Loaves

Old Loaves from Wellington released their debut album earlier in 2012 and have recently made it "name your price" on bandcamp. Check it out, it's pretty good.

Monday, November 19, 2012


New release from Wellington Grind/Thrash outfit, Numbskull. So sick.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


There seems to be a bunch of new bands popping up all over NZ at the moment which is mean. Graves are just one of them. Graves play a Grindcore influenced style of Hardcore, similar to Trap Them and All Pigs Must Die. Their first show was opening for Nasum at their recent show at the Kings Arms in Auckland. They just released some tracks for free download, alternatively you could get a hard copy 7" from the band which will be available soon.


Witchrist is an extreme Death Metal band from Auckland New Zealand who are turning heads in the metal community around the world. Their sound has been understandably categorised as 'War Metal'.

They have recently released their latest album 'The Grand Tormentor' and a video to go along with it. The album can be picked up from www.doomcult.net

Witchrist from B Southwell on Vimeo.


Bad is an Auckland based Hardcore Punk band featuring ex members of Missing Teeth and Brick vs Face. They just released their album for "name your price" on bandcamp.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Too Late

Too Late is a new heavy Hardcore band from Auckland. This is their new tune and it's preeeetty sick.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Auckland 3 piece poppy punk band Rackets have put up their back catalogue on their bandcamp 'name your price' (free) but if you've got money chuck em a dime coz theyre cool and poor.


Also check out their blog/website and sign up to the forum at http://cultofrackets.co.nz


Monday, May 28, 2012

One Must Fall

One Must Fall were a Christian Metalcore band from Hamilton, but don't let that throw you off. Whether you're into their personal ideas/lyrics or not you can't really dispute that musically these guys knew how to make decent technical, heavy and mathy Metalcore. Although some won't be into the the subject matter of some of the lyrics it is easy to get past because the music is so awesome. Members went on to do Roll With The Punches, The Chase, Avalanche City and The Break-In.

Download One Must Fall - For Such A Time As This


Damaged were a fast and aggressive 4 piece Hardcore Punk band from Wellington. Damaged shared members with Evil Priest, Guest Stabs Host, Promise of Bloodshed, The Deadline, Entrails and The Burial. What more can I say? If you're into rage filled hardcore then Damaged is what some would call 'the bomb'.

Download Damaged s/t

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Akaname formed in 2005 in Wellington, New Zealand. They played an experimental form of Grindcore with almost tech dethy and progressive metal influences, this was before their vocalist left and the the rest of the band relocated to Melbourne Australia where the band began experimenting with the Post Metal genre. Prior to the location and loss of vocalist they released 'Filthlicker'.

Download Akaname - Filthlicker


Upheld were a Metalcore band from Napier, New Zealand. They broke up in 2007. They released an EP, a split with Saving Grace and an album called 'This World Will Drown'.

Download Upheld - This World Will Drown

The Chase

The Chase were a Hardcore band from Auckland NZ. They started playing shows in 2007 and played their last shows in 2010 and in that time became a huge crowd puller for many Auckland hardcore shows, the ladies especially loved them. Their early sound can be described as similar to Comeback Kid, but as time went on they evolved, developed and matured into their own sound. After their breakup their guitarist, David Baxter went on to do Avalanche City which gained huge success world wide with his song Love Love Love.

Download The Chase - Something More EP

Download The Chase - Parinoia

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Warpath

The Warpath was a aggressive Hardcore band from Hamilton, New Zealand. They released their album "Nowhere To Run" in 2005 on Action Man Records. The Warpath featured members of Antagonist A.D, Cry Wolf, Mean Streak and Evil Priest. They broke up in 2007, playing their final show at Hamtown Smakdown '07.

Download The Warpath - Nowhere To Run

Cold By Winter

In light of Cold By Winter doing their 'final' reunion show this coming Friday, they have uploaded their album, "We The Living" for free download. Cold By Winter were a melodic screamo post hardcore band? (not too good with defining their genre) from Auckland. They've had heaps of line up changes and members from many known bands, such as Carthaginian, In Dread Response and Shot Gun Alley (plus heaps more).

Download Cold By Winter - We The Living

Monday, April 23, 2012

Brick vs Face

Brick vs Face were a groovy Hardcore Punk band originating in Tauranga but relocated to Hamilton and Auckland in later years. While they were around Brick vs Face became one of the most popular hardcore bands in New Zealand at the time, supporting international acts such as Comeback Kid.

They released their debut album "In Your Face" in 2006 with their original vocalist

Download Brick vs Face - In Your Face

After their vocalist left, guitarist HD Steve moved to vocals and they released a demo/EP called "Under New Management"

Download Brick vs Face - Under New Management

The Bleeders - A Bleeding Heart EP

NZ Hardcore punk (uploading this because I'm not sure if you can buy it anymore?)

Download The Bleeders - A Bleeding Heat EP

Every Man For Himself

Every Man For Himself were a mathy, spazzy, metalcore band from South Auckland. They were a staple band for any all ages hardcore and metalcore shows in the years that they were around.
Download EMFH - Sun EP

Download EMFH - EP2 (don't know what this one was called)

Task One

Task One were a ska band who played regular shows around Auckland in 2004-2006. Formed by a bunch of friends from Mt Roskill Grammar, their music is fun and mostly not too serious, meaning they pulled decent crowds of high school ages kids to their shows. Members went on to be in such bands as Yebiisu and Surf City.

Twenty One Guns

Twenty One Guns was a Hardcore band from Hamilton. Members went on to form/be a part of some well known New Zealand Hardcore bands, most notably Antagonist A.D. They reformed briefly a few years ago to play the annual Hamtown Smakdown hardcore festival in Hamilton, where they gave out their EP for free.


I was told by a friend about a side project or something of the sort done by members of New Zealand Hardcore band, Evil Priest. I believe (but am not entirely sure) the project was done in between the release of their second album, "Hardcore Gods" and their third album "III: A Hardcore Legacy", it was called xULTRAMILITANTx. Turns out that most, if not all the songs on the xULTRAMILITANTx recordings were eventually used on Evil Priest III:A Hardcore Legacy. So this is pretty much the demo tracks for Evil Priests last album.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ExM/Numbskull spit

Electric Mayhem side of the ExM Numbskull spit

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Conniption is a Dunedin based Dbeat/Crust punk band. They recently put pretty much all of their stuff up for free download on their bandcamp. They also have really cool artwork and a promised L.P to be released sometime in 2012.


Sex Pest

Sex Pest is an auckland based rocky hardcore punk band featuring members of Smashin' Off, Freudoids and Tentacles Of Destruction. Sex Pest is In a similar vein to bands like Pissed Jeans, Sex Vid, Drunkdriver, Clockcleaner and Flipper.

Here is their demo.



Freudoids have downloadable tracks up on their bandcamp

Smashin' Off

Smashin' Off were are Auckland based Hardcore Punk band from around 2007. They did a split 7" with US HC Punk band Get Rad. They also apparently recorded and album in December 2007 which has only been released now in 2012.

Download from their Bandcamp

Parents First EP

This is Auckland Screamo band, Parents first EP. It was released a few years ago.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some Rap Music

This post is about some rappers that I've been into recently (not from NZ)



The dude who makes the beasts in this group is the bassist of powerviolence band ACxDC. They also did the the rap track at the end of "Heaviest Bombing" on Scion A/V Presents: Magrudergrind - Crusher.

Also check out the MC's solo shit - Himself The Majestic.

You can download all of their shit from links they have posted on their facebook.



This guy is awesome. Check him out and his many music videos. Saw him play at Whammy Bar in Auckland a few years ago and have been hooked since.

Humble The Poet is a Punjabi Sikh rapper and poet. Check it out for sure.

Tumblr (downloads and all that)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Chek Dis Owt

Symphonies of Slackness is another cool blog based around punk, metal, hardcore and the surrounding genres. It's been put together by good cunts Cyprian and Benny Matthews. Give it a hoon.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Both Dial and Neon Bastard were noisy heavy hardcore punk inspired bands from Wellington (Neon Bastard verging more on the fucked up, 'what the fuck is happening' vibes). You can grab both bands music from the Robotic Empire Bandcamp for name your price or for free.







Here's a link to a list of free downloads form various NZ Punk, Metal and Hardcore bands. Courtesy of the PunkAs.com forums.